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Hi, I am Cheri! I am a happy go lucky, chit chatty gal pal, hug all my clients kind of girl.

I am a happy go lucky, chit chatty gal pal, hug all my clients kind of girl. I have worn many hats over the years in the beauty industry as a hairstylist, salon owner, educator and even dabbled in the film industry. I currently co own a salon in Tyrone Ga and work amongst  very talented women who I adore.   In 2020 I stepped away from the daily salon services to pursue my passion as an event stylist.

My passion for special event styling grew out of my interest in creating characters in the film industry and special event styling for my salon clientele. I found that I was in love with the idea of creating dramatic transfermations. My favortie service in the salon has always been prom and special events. Eventually, I ended up doing a side business with one of my friends who was a photographer. We would schedule hair and makeup along with her high school senior photo shoots. Those sessions always ended up being special family expereince for the senior and her mother. At that point I not only fell in love with the transformation process but of the experience of being part of creating special memories as well.  The only thing that could be top that would be weddings. If I could make someone feel beautiful and special on a photoshoot imagine what kind of special moments I could help create for a bride and her bridal party.

As a wife, mother, and faithful Christian, I wanted a role and purpose in my work that reflected my heart.


A wedding day to me is a monumental experience. I am dedicated to help facilitate an experience that not only solidifies the importance but also exells the magic of the day. I am aware that the photos from this day will live on many walls from generations to come. My dream is for everytime you look back at this day and see yourself as a bride, you see your beauty, and know how very special you are. 


Getting ready with your bridesmaids and bridal party is a unique and special memory in and of itself. The hours you spend with your bridesmaids account for a large part of your wedding day.  Offering a service for such a special time is truly a blessing for me. Whether it is me alone or my team and I, we all share the same love and dedication to this experience and want nothing more than  to make it  absolutely amazing.


Then it was Happily Ever After


Cheri was absolutely amazing! By the end of our prep for the wedding she felt like family! She truly cares about the quality of her work and is always looking to improve upon herself.

- Megan

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